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fully responsive website design

Hello, we provide responsive mobile friendly affordable web design services to small businesses like yours. If you are looking for a cost effective affordable online web solution that will adapt as you grow then we would love to talk to you. Have a look through the site to see what we are all about, and if  you have a question then just let us know.  We can take care of the entire design process including website optomisation, social media help and hosting. Whilst our web design is very cost effective it will never look cheap, you just get great value for money.

responsive design

We make sure your website looks great on all devices from a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. 

Your site will automatically respond to the device that is viewing it, so the visitor gets the best possible experience, Google also loves it.

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social media

Love it or hate it, social media plays a crucial role for any online business. 

We are experienced in setting up twitter and facebook pages, including customising the design and getting followers and likes, hey dont forget to follow us whilst you are here.

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feature packed

We pack in the  features to make your site as dynamic as posible.

From interactive Google Maps, blogs, video and audio, chat forums, graphs, event countdowns, newsletter sign up, polls and web forms anything is possible.

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e-commerce / online shop design

Do you need to sell products or services online? our e-commerce solutions cost far less than you think, are packed with features such as discount codes, gift vouchers, social media buttons and Google merchant feeds, and are very easy for you to manage. 

You can easily sell products, services or downloadable content, or a mix of all three.

Prices start at just £295 including all design and set up costs, we offer free online training to help you add future products to your online shop, and if you ever get stuck or make a mistake just ask us and we will fix it for free.


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search engine optimisation and submission

All the websites we design get our Search Engine Optimisation & submission package (SEO) free of charge. We can even help with SEO for established sites that are not performing as they should be. 

The web sites we design  are completely optimised to Google standards and submitted to over 100 directories and search engines.

If your website does not appear high on Google (90% of search traffic) then you might as well forget it, that's why we only consider what Google sees when optimising your site.  #SEOmiltonkeynes  

web hosting

We have our own web hosting company with UK based data centres. We can offer very affordable hosting if you require it on both Linux and Windows servers. Our web hosting comes with a huge range of free and open source software with 1 click installation, like Joomla, Wordpress and Prestashop. #webhostingmiltonkeynes  Prices start at just £39 per year.       

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Keep up to speed on all things search engine, web design and social media related with our blog. We welcome your comments and ideas for future blogs.